Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wakefield Acorn & RiscOS Computer Show

It was the Acorn and RiscOS show in Wakefield. I've not been before
but I have heard about it and now we're not living too far away it's
become more realistic to get to.

For a platform whose original creating company died 12 years ago,
there is still a devoted if small following. Not only are people
still interested in using the machines and OS, but people have taken
over development of the OS and there are now two streams of RiscOS
development, one through Castle Technologies who bought the rights to
the OS and hardware designs and also produced new RiscOS computers in
the form of the Iyonix, and who are tasked with
releasing RiscOS as an open source project.
Interestingly the
RiscosOpen project has produced ports of RiscOs which run on netbooks
and also platforms such as Beagleboard.

There were also people exhibiting older 8 bit computers such as the
BBC B and Master. There are people out there now producing new storage
solutions using compact flash and SD for these vintage machines,
breathing new life into them. One exhibitor, Joel, demonstrated the Domesday
project which is the first time I've seen this system.

I know the computers are old and the platform is niche, but I still
have a soft spot for Acorn, having grown up with BBC Micros (which I
still own) and having spent several years repairing Acorn computers.

Wakefield Show
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